Nike Free Haven 3.0 Review

WEIGHT: 8.5 ounces

Having worn the Free Run 2.0 for around a year, I had been comfortable with all the Nike Free encounter and was excited to find out how the 3.0 compared. Elements of this match and journey stayed precisely the same. However, I really could inform the shoe had shifted quite a bit from when I wore them at 2010. The checkered design of the outsole was fully revised, including contoured design via the heel and arch. The midsole felt cushioned, which was expected. The upper’s feel and fit, nevertheless, was thought that the most extreme change–that the 3.0 was quite comfortable, but much less light and breathable as the Free Run 2.0 (which, being slightly more cushioned variant, is to be anticipated ). Though relaxed, the shoe provides flexible handling plus a smooth experience, together with a generally favourable performance for short and long workouts.

The utterly free lineup is famous for its exclusive innovative design, which includes set it apart from several other minimalist shoes in the marketplace. The checkered, segmented only offers exceptional contouring on irregular surfaces that let me feel that the street in ways which other shoes with comparable cushioning couldn’t. New to the layout this year is that the addition of trans-tarsal cuts through the arch, reducing unnecessary cushioning components while trying to promote natural movement.

To get a low-profile and slender heel to toe fall (down to 4mm, a 3mm fall from the 3.0 v3), the sneakers are still unusually comfortable and suitably cushioned. While someone used to some milder jogging shoe might locate the Free 3.0 to become overly cushioned for their preferences, the typical runner will probably find them to be quite a great mixture of relaxation and heft. The Phylite midsole substance doubles as an outsole, reducing importance where it things while still developing a cozy ride.

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The net diamond layout of the Nike Free 3.0 v4 isn’t just stunning, but it’s also constructed for the purpose. The panoply layer extends above a cozy material that feels like neoprene. The outcome is a sock-like fit across the whole shoe (since there isn’t any heel counter) which is comfortable and reduces the probability of blisters. The one-piece, tongueless layout also enables runners to slide the shoes off and on smoothly while also preventing stones and debris from getting between the foot and the top material. This is a significant design characteristic as even the tiniest stone could lead to irritation if trapped in the narrow distance between the surface of the foot and the top. While many jogging shoes are not aesthetically pleasing enough to put on out of a session, the Nike Free 3.0 v4 is.

The disadvantage of this top, however, is at its snug fit. Made to fit snugly across the foot to stop motion and blistering, I found that the shoes to be somewhat constricting from the forefoot. This, however, may change significantly from runner to runner; I am utilized to a wide toebox and also have larger-than-average ft (Men’s 12), therefore I’m accustomed to a match which isn’t as cozy as the Free. Furthermore, runners who don’t enjoy thin jeans might discover they must dictate another half-size up for your own Free to guarantee a comfortable fit.

On the whole, I was really pleased with the latest edition of this Free 3.0. The sneakers supplied an extraordinary running experience, let me sense running surfaces without even feeling nostalgic, and didn’t get in the way of my stride whilst performing speed work or long, slow distance. I’d find myself wanting, however, the top was made of thinner stuff or given additional wiggle-room. This section of this shoe was challenging to conquer and has been a massive departure from the absolutely free encounter I was expecting based on previous versions from the line. All told the Free 3.0 v4 is a significant step ahead for the design, as it enhances the heel fall and total profile of this shoe. And not for nothing, you will look pretty great wearing them too.

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If You Would like to test the Free encounter but need a slightly more supportive shoe, then try the Nike Free Run+ 3.

This didn’t affect our inspection of this shoe, composed after conducting over 50 miles inside them

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