How to Switch VPNs

You’re trying to access a website or service via  VPN to try to circumvent regional restrictions that have been set to it, but no avail. You have tried several solutions, but it seems that these fail to solve your problem. Did you think that maybe the VPN server you connected to matches a country that’s also blocked?

The problem can often be this, or you need to use other solutions, as the website or service you need to access has probably blocked the VPN servers you connect to. So how can you solve that? Nothing could be simpler! Let me explain in a few seconds.

In my guide, I’ll show you how to switch VPNs to access your favorite websites or services, whether from computers, smartphones, and tablets. In addition, I will point out other practical solutions to solve your problem. What do you say? Is that exactly what you were looking for? Sit comfortable and take just a few minutes of your time to read this guide of mine. Are you ready? Start! I wish you a good read!


Programs to switch VPNs

Suppose you want to use VPN software to access your favorite websites or services offered by other programs or applications installed on your computer. In that case, I recommend that you check out the programs I recommended to you in the following lines.


NordVPN (Windows/macOS/Linux)

Let’s start with NordVPN: one of the best VPN services currently available on the square. It is compatible with all central computer operating systems ( Windows, macOS, and  Linux ). Furthermore, it ensures a very high degree of security: all communications are encrypted using very advanced technology, making navigation data invisible to attackers, Internet providers, and even the nordvpn operators themselves (who record nothing that users have done).

NordVPN can also count on a wide range of servers scattered around the world, which also makes it possible to exchange files on  P2P networks (e.g., BitTorrent),  navigate the Tor network, use a dedicated  IP, and access to foreign catalogs of streaming services, as well as overcome regional restrictions.

To make use of it, connect to nordvpn’s official website, choose the plan you intend to subscribe to, and create your account following the on-screen directions. The available methods are as follows:

2 or 3 years according to the current promo at less than 3 euros/month (invoiced annually).

Two years at 2.97 euros/month (billed annually).

  • One year at 3.93 euros/month (billed annually)  and one month at 9.56 euros, all with a 30-day guarantee and the possibility to use the service on a maximum number of 6 devices simultaneously.

In addition, extras, such as the  WordPress password manager (worth $194.61), can also be included in the price periods.

Once you have created the account and chosen the plan of your interest (the accepted payment methods are: card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cryptocurrencies, Alipay, etc.), download the NordVPN client to your computer. If you are using a  Windows PC, then open the .exe file you obtained, click the  Yes button, wait for all the files necessary for the program to work from the Internet, and finish the setup, first clicking Next and then on  Install and  Finish. Instead, if you’re using a  Mac, link to this page of the Mac App Store and click the download button. You may be asked to enter your Apple ID password (or use Touch ID) to verify your identity.

Once installed, all you have to do is start NordVPN,  log in with your account data, and select the VPN server to connect to, choosing a  nationality, a  Speciality server (i.e., one of the servers dedicated to  P2P,  browsing via Onion protocol, or reserved IP browsing), or searching, to locate the VPN server that best suits you.

Once you’re connected, open your preferred browser or application, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the protection NordVPN offers automatically. Then, at the end of the session, disconnect from the VPN, open  NordVPN again, and click the  Disconnect button. Easier than that?

For more insights, I’ll leave you to my NordVPN review, where I’ve told you how the service works in more detail.


Surfshark (Windows/macOS/Linux)

 Surfshark is another name that absolutely cannot be missing in the list of the best programs to change VPNs. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, including through the extension of for Chrome and Firefox browsers), and ensures, in addition to extreme ease of use, maximum security in communications: it uses 256-bit advanced encryption that even prevents service managers from knowing the data that transits over the VPN. In addition, it can be used on multiple devices simultaneously and offers a wide range of servers to connect to (over 1040 spread across 61 countries worldwide).

With Surfshark, also available on mobile (as I’ll explain to you better shortly) and on devices like Amazon Fire TV Stick), Smart TV, Apple TV, PlayStation, Xbox, and other instruments (via smart DNS), you can overcome regional restrictions, disguise your online identity, and access the foreign catalogs of streaming services; all in just a few clicks.

Other functions should also be mentioned:  Whitelister, which allows you to create a list of exceptions with programs that do not have to use VPN (ideal for online banking);  CleanWeb, to protect against malware and other harmful or annoying content on the Net,  and Kill SwitchSwitch, to automatically turn off internet connection if you log off the VPN.

Surfshark has affordable prices for everyone: the most affordable plan is the 24-month plan from 1.79 euros/month (with billing every 24 months), then there are those from 12 months to 4.99 euros/month (with annual billing) and from 1 month to 9.89 euros. It should be emphasized the presence of the guarantee 30 days satisfied or refunded.

To use Surfshark on your PC, then connect to the service’s official website and click on the Buy Now button; after that, choose the plan of your interest and make the payment by credit card,  PayPal,  Google Pay,  I suffer,  Amazon Pay or  Cryptocurrency. After that, download the program for your operating system to your computers, such as Windows or macOS. When the DownloadDownload is complete if you are using  Windows,  launch the .exe file and click the  Yes button to start installing the program. If you use macOS, instead, you can pick up the software directly from the Mac App Store (by clicking the  Get button and verifying your identity) or by .dmg.

Once you’ve installed the Surfshark application, launch it, sign in to your account, press the  Connect button, and connect to the fastest VPN server; Alternatively, click the Locations icon (on the left) and choose the server to connect to. When the browsing session is complete,  press Sign Out to sign out of the VPN.

The Features tab gives you access to the CleanWeb Whitelister HackLock and BlindSearch functions. In contrast, the  Settings tab allows you to choose the language to use the program to connect/disconnect the VPN and more automatically. More information is available on surfshark’s official website. (Windows/macOS/Linux)

The first VPN service I want to talk to you about is the one offered by hiding. Me, which allows you to change VPNs, choosing one of the many distributed worldwide. You can switch VPNs on both browsers and any other program that connects the Internet through this software.

If you are interested in this service, you can download the desktop client for  Windows,  macOS, and  Linux for free. In addition, you can use it on smartphones and tablets via apps for  Android and iOS.

After reaching the website link I provided you, click the  Download VPN button in the horizontal bar at the top, and press one of the tabs below, depending on the operating system you’re using. Then click the DownloadDownload Now button to start picking up the installation file.

After you download the Hide, me installation file:

  • Double-click it.
  • If you’re using  Windows, press the  Yes button in the User Account Control window.
  • Press install and finish the installation.

If you’re using a  Mac, drag the Hide. Me the  Applications folder.

When the program is started, log in with the credentials of the  Hide. Me. If you have never created an account for this service, reach the official website and fill in the fields indicated on-screen by the wizard.

Registering an account is completely free and guarantees you at least 3Mbit bandwidth, 2GB of monthly traffic, and only 3 VPN servers in Canada, Singapore, and the Netherlands. However, by paying at least  $4.99 per month, you can remove these restrictions, enjoying the complete service.

After creating an account, go back to the Hide. I program and click the Have an account button? Sign in here. Then enter the username and password of the newly created account and press the  Sign-in button.

When you’re signed in, click the  Edit button at the bottom right to switch VPNs to one of the many countries available. After selecting it, click the  Enable VPN button to start browsing the Internet through this service.


TunnelBear (Windows/macOS)

 TunnelBear is an excellent service that allows you to connect in VPN to one of the 20 countries available, completely free of charge and with monthly traffic of 500MB. You can also subscribe to a subscription plan starting at  $9.99 per month, which allows you to remove free version traffic restrictions.

If you are interested in this service, you can download the client for Windows or macOS directly from the official website. In addition, the application for smartphones and tablets is also available,  downloadable from the  Android Play Store or the iOS App Store.  Extensions for Google Chrome and Opera are also available.

After downloading the desktop version, via the link I provided you, double-click the installation file. On  Windows, on the installation screen, press the  I Agree button,  install, and then click Yes, in the User Account Control window. Instead, if you’re using macOS, press the Open button, and then press moves me to the Applications folder in the message that’s shown to you on screen. Then press on  Install and type in the password of your Apple ID to confirm the installation.

Before you start using this software, you need to register a free account via this link. Then type the information you’re asked to screen and press the  Create Account button.

Start the program using its icon and press on the login, bottom, on the home screen. Then type in the Credentials of the TunnelBear account, which you created earlier, and click the Login button to sign in.

Now, press the  Skip button at the bottom left of the tutorial screen, and choose one of the points located in the map that you see on the Net. Next, confirm the selection of the VPN server you selected by pressing the  Yes button.

Wait a few seconds for the connection to be established with the server of your choice. Then, switch VPNs, choose one of the other points on the map and confirm the selection by pressing the  Yes button. After a few seconds, you can start using the internet connection under the VPN offered by TunnelBear.


Other programs to switch VPNs

If you want to discover other programs that you can use on your computer running Windows or macOS operating system, I recommend others that can be for you.

  •  Avira Phantom VPN ( Windows/macOS ) – is a VPN service developed by the same company famous for its antivirus software. It is easy-to-use and configures software, which allows you to connect to one of the many servers scattered worldwide. Through the free account, you have 500 MB of traffic per month, but with the Pro subscription (at the cost of 7.95 euros per month), you get unlimited traffic. The version for smartphones and tablets with Android and iOS operating systems is also available.
  •  Windscribe ( Windows/macOS/Linux ) – is another free VPN service available on both computers and other devices, such as Android, iOS, and Blackberry smartphones and tablets. In addition, you can also set it up on Kodi, Amazon FireTV, Nvidia Shield, and other third-party devices. You can also subscribe for $3.70  per month to access the complete list of VPN servers.
  •  PrivateVPN ( Windows/macOS/Linux ) – This VPN service is charged, starting at $5.25 per month, and offers access to over 50 servers worldwide, with unlimited bandwidth and traffic speed. The app for Android and iOS is also available.


Apps to switch VPNs

If you’re looking for an app to switch VPNs on your smartphone or tablet, you’ve come to the right place! In the following few lines, I’ll tell you about some apps that you can use to navigate from your mobile device safely.


NordVPN (Android/iOS)

 NordVPN, the VPN service I’ve already told you about when it comes to the computer scope, is also available in the form of a mobile application: it is compatible with Android,  iOS/iPadOS, and even  BlackBerry and offers all the features provided in the desktop field, therefore maximum security, speed, and ease of use.

To make use of it, open your device store (e.g., Play Store on Android or App Store on iPhone/iPad), search for NordVPN within the latter, and tap first on the application icon, present in the search results, and then on the  Install/Get button. If you’re using your iPhone or iPad, you may be prompted to verify your identity using your Face ID, Touch ID, or Apple ID password.

Once the installation is complete, launch the app,  log in with your account (or create one and choose one of the available plans) and select the server you want to connect to. You can choose a server by nationality or type, search, or, again, press the Quick  Connect button to make NordVPN automatically find the fastest VPN server. On iOS/iPadOS, you will need to authorize the installation of the NordVPN VPN profile the first time you connect.

At the end of your session, to disconnect from the VPN, all you have to do is open the  NordVPN app and press the  Disconnect button. More details can be found in my full review of the service.


Surfshark (Android/iOS)

 Surfshark, the excellent VPN service I told you about earlier regarding the PC scope, is also available on smartphones and tablets, thanks to the official service apps for Android and iOS/iPad). The features of the service and the prices are the same as indicated above, but there is the possibility to take advantage of a free 7-day trial.

To install Surfshark on your device, if you use  Android, connect to the relevant section of the Play Store and press the Install button. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, press the Get/Install button and verify your identity using Face ID, Touch ID, or Apple ID password.

When the DownloadDownload is complete, all you have to do is launch the Surfshark app and choose whether to start the free trial or sign in with your account. Then press the Connect button, provide the required permissions to connect directly to the fastest VPN server, or go to the Locations tab to select the server you want to use manually. More information can be found on the Surfshark website.


CyberGhost (Android/iOS)

Another application that I recommend you use to connect to a VPN server from your smartphone or tablet is  CyberGhost, available on both Android and iOS, in a trial version for seven days. After that, you will be asked to subscribe, starting at 2.58 euros per month, which gives you access to a list of over 800 servers spread across numerous countries. In addition, you can enjoy a high speed of navigation and acceleration on streaming.

If you want to download this app, go to one of the links I have indicated to you. Then, on Android, press the  Install button, accept, and finally on  Open. Instead, on iOS, tap on getting, start downloading and installing via  Touch ID,  Face ID, or Apple ID  password, and then press on  Open.

On  Android, after launching the app and press on the saying  Continue with fewer features, to use the service for free, without currently subscribing to any subscription. Then, on the welcome screen, swipe right until you reach my server and press the Start button.

From the  Location section, press on the country entry, choose one of the ones on the list and then tap on one of the VPN servers shown on the screen. At this point, you will be automatically connected to the server you have chosen if you want to switch VPN servers, press stop and follow the instructions I indicated to you in the previous lines.

On iOS, launch the app and press accept and continue, and then on Allow VPN access, followed by a tap on the Allow entry to allow you to set up the VPN on iOS. Then you consent to the messages you see on screen to access your device’s features, such as notifications, and press on the Start Trial Period button. Choose, then, a plan from those proposed to start the trial period.

On the home screen, tap on the best location and choose one of the VPN servers on the list, and then swipe left to right on the button in the center of the screen, so you can start using the VPN connection.


Hotspot Shield (Android/iOS)

One application I recommend you download to switch VPNs on smartphones and tablets is Hotspot Shield, a free service for Android and iOS that allows you to change your IP address, connecting to another nationality’s server.

If you are interested in downloading this app, open the link I provided to you based on the operating system you are using on your mobile device. For example, on Android, tap on the  Install button, accept, and finally, on  Open. On iOS, on the other hand, press on getting, unlock the installation via  Face ID,  Touch ID, or your Apple ID  password, and then press on  Open.

After launching the app, you will be proposed to activate the 7-day free trial to test the application in an unlimited way, being able to manually choose the connection server (in the free version, it is automatically selected by the app and cannot be changed) and having a higher connection speed.

But if you don’t intend to do this because you want to use HotspotShield for free,  press the X button in the upper right, then scroll through the page displayed for paid features of the service and press again on the  X button (Not now on iOS).

On  Android, you will also be asked to allow HotspotShield access to usage data. To do this, press the Hotspot Shield icon on the screen that you are shown and move the lever to  ON under allow access to user data.

After that, to connect to the VPN, press on the switch button you find on the app’s home screen, after which, at the VPN connection and configuration request alert, press on the OK button (Allow on iOS) to authorize the app. On the other hand, to turn off HotspotShield, press the  Stop button you see in the center of the app’s home screen.


More apps to switch VPNs

If the apps I told you about in the previous paragraphs weren’t enough, I recommend that you check out the list you’ll read in the following few lines. I’m sure you’ll find the app that suits your needs.

  •  TunnelBear  (Android/iOS) – as I pointed out to you in one of the previous paragraphs, this service is one of the best around, considering the large availability of VPN servers. It is a service that can be used for free on smartphones and tablets through the dedicated app. The limitation consists of the traffic of 500 MB per month, which you can remove by subscribing to a subscription starting at $9.99 per month.
  •  Betternet (Android/iOS) – is an entirely free VPN service, available on many platforms (available at this link), which is supported via banner ads. The connection offered through this service is pretty good, but you can’t choose the VPN server to connect to, other than paying a subscription starting at $5.99 per month.
  •  Turbo VPN ( Android / iOS ) – is one of the most downloaded free VPN apps on mobile devices. It is simple to use as, once started, a tap is enough to connect to a proxy server automatically. It allows you to choose from a list of free and paid servers. Its paid version, which allows unlimited use, has prices starting from less than 3$ per month (with annual billing).


If you are looking for a solution to use only while browsing the web, I recommend checking out the suggestions I have written in the following lines.


Opera (Windows/macOS/Linux)

 Opera is a free Internet browsing browser whose functions include enabling a link to VPN servers for browsing web pages. It is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux, downloading directly from the official website.

Then reach the link I provided you and press on one of the tabs related to the operating system you are using on your computer. Now, click the  Download Now button to pick up the installation file. For example, on Windows, on the installation screen, press the  Accept and Install button, and then click  Yes, in the User Account  Control window. Instead, click the Open button and then click Install on the screen that you are shown. Then type a  password to protect your data and press on  Allow.

After starting this browser, through its icon, click the button with the red O, located in the upper left, and choose the  Settings item in the context menu. Then, select the  Confidentiality & Security tab in the left sidebar and place a checkmark on the  Turn on VPN box.

Now, open any navigation tab by clicking the  [+] symbol in the top bar. Click the  VPN button next to the address bar and move the lever from  OFF to ONto activate this feature on the screen you’re shown.

If you want to switch VPNs, open the drop-down menu under the virtual location. Choose one of three available regions:  Europe, the Americas, or  Asia. In a few seconds, the connection that will mask your country of origin will be established.


Browser extensions

If you’re looking for an extension that plays the role of VPN, I recommend turning to  CyberGhost VPN, one of the best free solutions that are characterized by its extreme ease of use. It can be downloaded for free in Google Chrome and Firefox browsers and, in just a few clicks, allows you to surf the Internet, circumventing federal or regional restrictions imposed by some websites.

You can also subscribe to a monthly subscription with prices starting from €2.75/month (for the subscription with annual billing). Paying a fee also gives you the ability to use the service on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS and allows you to choose from over 3000 servers.

To download the extension to Chrome browsers connected to this  Chrome Web Store page, press first on the Add button and then on  Add Extension. To install the extension on Firefox, instead link to the extension page on the  Firefox Add-ons website and first click the + Add to  Firefox button,  then install, and finally, OK.

After that, you will see the  CyberGhost VPN icon appear in the upper right corner of the browser toolbar (it is the symbol of a  stylized ghost. Then click on it and select the server to which you want to connect through the right drop-down menu, then move the switch button to  ON to activate the VPN.

Once the VPN is active (confirmation will be given to you by the words CyberGhost is enabled), you can start browsing the Internet via proxy through the browser you are using. Next, turn off the VPN, again on the extension icon at the browser toolbar, and move the SwitchSwitch to  OFF.

 NordVPN also offers an extension to install in Chrome and Firefox browsers to protect online browsing. Its operation is also intuitive, and the performance is excellent on all (many) available servers.


Proxy Site (Online)

If you don’t want to install other browsers or extensions on these, you can use a proxy site to circumvent a website’s regional restrictions. Among the many available, the one I recommend is  Proxy Site, which can be used for free from the official website.

To use it, reach the link I provided you and type in the website you want to visit in the  Enter URL field. Then choose from the drop-down menu next door, one of the available listed servers, in the Europe and U.S. regions.

You can also sign up for a  Premium plan,  starting at $5.99 per month, that offers access to a dedicated VPN server and other activity monitoring features.


Other ways to switch VPNs

If you don’t want to rely on a third-party service to connect to VPN, you can create a network yourself through a computer or mobile device to route your internet connection.

In this case, you need to tell yourself that the process of making your VPN is simple, but you need to be very careful so as not to incur configuration errors. That said, I recommend that you consult my detailed guide on this topic. I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results.