how to restart your Router

While you are intent on streaming content on your computer or TV, the images may stop, and the fateful wheel that never stops spinning appears in the center of the screen, indicating a possible connectivity problem. Or, while browsing the web, you will have happened to come across an error page that reports a blatant lack of connection. The first instinct, in any case, is always to look at the router to verify first that the service lights are all adequately turned on.

In many of these situations, however, where it is not possible to quickly determine the cause of the problem, it can be easily solved by turning the router off and on so that the router’s software can recharge the configuration and restore Internet and Wi-Fi connectivity to all the devices at home.

Therefore, I have decided to create the following guide specifically to illustrate how to restart the router, exposing you to the various ways to perform this simple operation that allows you to solve several bizarre situations independently. So, are you ready? Perfect! Get comfortable and continue reading the following paragraphs: I am sure that you will find the system that best suits your needs in a few minutes. At this point, I have to wish you a good read and good luck with everything!


how to restart your router locally

Are you in the vicinity of the router, or are you still connected to the network managed by the device in question? In this case, you can refer to several alternatives: let’s see, therefore, how to restart the router locally, using the critical present on the apparatus, its software interface accessible from the browser, or even, if available, the mobile app possibly made available by the manufacturer (or the Internet provider that provided the device).


how to restart the router with a key

The first method, the most immediate and mechanical, uses the appropriate button present in many router models. If you want to understand how to restart the router with a button, all you have to do is go in front of the device: it is often located in the back, in the panel where the network cables are connected.

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It could be placed right next to the connector for connection to the mains and usually bears the words ON/OFF or Power: if you do not find it where I have just indicated you, also check on the other facades of the device. Once you locate it, press it, and you will see that the service lights of the same will turn off.

Now, it is advisable to wait at least 30 seconds for the capacitors to discharge. This is because these small components may have maintained an energy charge that can keep some circuits active. Therefore, it is always better to be sure that the restart occurs only when the device’s memory is reset altogether. In addition, this will also give the provider’s systems time to align with the sudden interruption of the connection on your line.

At the end of the 30 seconds, press the key in question again and wait for the physiological time to allow the router to restart, connect with the carrier, obtain a public IP address, reload the routing tables and restore the various services: as a rule, it takes two or three minutes to perform all these operations.

How to restart your router from your PC

If you prefer to connect to the software interface of your router to check for any error notifications, do not worry because the procedure to follow is not complex: in the following paragraphs, I will show you how to restart the router from your PC, illustrating the various steps necessary.

All routers and routers provide a computer-run software environment that is easily accessible from any browser: connect your PC to the router-generated Wi-Fi network or— even better — the Ethernet cable device itself and type, in the address bar at the top, the IP address of the router,which is usually or If none of these addresses work, try searching the device manual or reading my guide on finding the router IP.

You will be shown an identification screen to enter your username and password to access the router administration panel. If you don’t remember the credentials in question, try admin/admin and admin/password, which are the most popular default credentials. If they do not work, check the device instruction manual or possibly, if any, on the appropriate label usually placed at the router base. As a last resort, try my guide on how to see your router password.

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Once you enter the router management panel, the interface will provide you with an intuitive menu: the restart button is usually located within the diagnostic, system, or settings items (each router/router brand has different menus and things).

If you want to know, for example, how to restart your Vodafone router, follow these simple steps: go to the Status and Support menu at the top. You will enter a page where, on the left, several options helpful in managing the apparatus are listed: among these, there is precisely the reboot entry. Next, you will access an additional screen by pressing it in which only the DSL line, hyperfiber, or the entire Vodafone Station apparatus is offered. Next, press the underlying Restart button, and then confirm your intention in the pop-up that will appear simultaneously, with an additional click on the Restart button.

In this case, the procedure is carried out independently by the device’s operating system, so all you have to do is wait for the completion of the operations by the latter, which generally takes place within 3 minutes.

Would you like more information on how to restart routers provided by the leading Italian operators? In this case, you can always refer to the various dedicated guides that I have created specifically to facilitate the task: to know, for example, how to restart the TIM router, here you will find all the procedures provided, while as for the Vodafone Station you can find an in-depth analysis concerning the information just provided in this article. Furthermore, I have also prepared guides on restarting the Fastweb router or restarting the Linkem router.

Suppose you have preferred to use an apparatus chosen by you, therefore not provided by the manager. In that case, you can also find several guides on the operation of the models of the leading manufacturers, such as TP-Link, D-Link, or Netgear, in which there are chapters dedicated to restarting procedures.

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How to restart your router from your phone

Do you have your smartphone (or even your tablet)at hand and would like to restart the router directly from the latter? In this case, you can connect the device to the Wi-Fi network generated by the router and proceed from a browser, just as explained in the previous chapter dedicated to the PC.

You also need to know that many operators allow you to perform different management operations on your routers through apps developed precisely to control the process and configuration of the device.

The interface of the aforementioned mobile apps replicates many of the features of the browser-accessible management panel. Thus, after installing the reference one made available by your manager and logging in with the related credentials, you will have to repeat the same operations illustrated for computer accessact with the options of restarting the router even from a mobile.

Among the manufacturers that have developed software dedicated to mobile management of the router, I point out TIM router (Android/iOS/iPadOS), Vodafone Station (Android/iOS/iPadOS), My Fastweb (Android/iOS/iPadOS), and, for non-carrier-related devices, MyFRITZ! App (Android/iOS/iPadOS). I, therefore, invite you to inform yourself and search the store of your smartphone for the app related to your router.


How to restart your router remotely

You are not in the vicinity of the device and, therefore, not able to access the network on which it is attested. Would you like to understand how to restart the router remotely? Don’t worry; there are reasonable solutions that are compatible with your needs. In addition, some providers allow you to access the apparatus via a secure internet connection in HTTPS.

In the case, for example, of the Fritz! box models, a particular area has been arranged conveniently accessible by any browser, which allows you to view the list of your devices and access the related interface after registration and subsequent authentication.

Therefore, it is very important the account to access the zone above is registered starting from the user interface of the device tossociate the device with its profile and enable it to be accessed from public IPs.