How to Encrypt the Connection

Do you want to encrypt your Internet connection so that you can disguise your computer’s IP address and not be intercepted, but don’t want to rely on solutions that are too difficult to set up? Then there is no doubt; you have to try SecurityKISS.

SecurityKISS is a VPN solution that allows you to use a foreign IP (American, French, English, or German) and prevents third parties from intercepting their online activities. It is effortless to use, requires no registrations, and is free of charge of up to 300/MB of traffic per day. What are you waiting for to find out how to encrypt the connection using it?

Suppose you want to find out how to encrypt the connection. In that case, the first step you need to take is to connect to the SecurityKISS website and first click on the green DOWNLOAD SecurityKISS Tunnel button Download entry to download the program to your PC. When the Download is complete open, double-clicking on it, the newly-downloaded file(SecurityKISSsetup.exe) and, in the window that opens, click Run first and then on Yes and Next.

Then accept the terms of use of the program, putting the checkmark next to the entry. I accept the agreement and click first and then finishand then finish the installation process and start SecurityKISS.

To encrypt the connection with SecurityKISS, you have to click on the Connect button at the bottom left and wait for the program to establish the relationship with the foreign server to disguise the computer’s IP (the green letter You are now in the encrypted tunnel and the address of the External IP assigned to the PC must appear).

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Once you change the address, you can turn on Internet connection encryption by selecting the Exclusive Tunneling item from the SecurityKISS Option menu. Enabling Exclusive Tunneling prevents data from being sent and received outside the secure connection, making it becoming 19th-party data intercepted.

You can make sure your IP has been disguised by clicking on the Geolocation button on the SecurityKISS home screen. A web page will open with a Google Maps map inside that shows the geographic location of your IP.

You can also change the IP to browse anonymously by clicking on the server icon at the bottom right and view the status of the servers used by SecurityKISS to encrypt the connection by clicking on the Server load button.

When you’re done browsing, you must disconnect from the SecurityKISS network by clicking on the Disconnect button (located at the bottom left of the program’s home screen) and turn off exclusive tunneling by removing the checkmark from the appropriate item in the Options menu.