CyberGhost VPN Review

cyyberVPNs (an acronym for Virtual Private Network) are private networks, accessible only to authorized users, which work on the Internet: hence the adjective “virtual,” which indicates the absence of physical connections between the computers. VPNs can be used for various purposes: to hide their online activities and avoid ISP tracking, eradicate data sniffing by attackers, and bypass censorship and regional restrictions. After reading my in-depth look at how VPNs work, you too decided to use such a service to protect your online activities and browse more serenely. There are several to choose from, but not all of them are reliable in the same way: that’s why I decided today to talk to you about CyberGhost VPN, one of the most comprehensive and secure services in the industry.

Thanks to 256-bit military-level encryption and different supported VPN protocols, CyberGhost VPN avoids monitoring users’ online activities by Internet providers (who have a legal obligation to keep records on their customers for at least two years) allows you to browse safely. It also allows you to disguise your IP address, access geographically restricted resources (including streaming services), and avoid the risks of sniffing wi-fi networks (as all connection data is securely encrypted). It also protects the privacy of users by not registering any of the activities carried out by the latter.

Another essential thing to note is that CyberGhost VPN can be used on a wide range of devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets, TVs, and routers, and has thousands of servers spread across 90 countries worldwide. Its prices are highly affordable, with the possibility to try the service for free for 24 hours or more. Interesting, right? Then I would say don’t waste any more time and find out how CyberGhost VPN works. Find all the information you need right below.


Supported devices

Before getting into the heart of the tutorial and explaining how CyberGhost VPN works, It seems to me necessary to list the devices and operating systems on which you can use this service.

  •  Desktop Application – CyberGhost VPN can apply for computers equipped with Windows, macOS, and Linux. All editions of Windows starting with Windows Vista SP2 and all editions of macOS starting with macOS Sierra (10.12) are supported.
  •  Smartphone and tablet apps – CyberGhost VPN is also available in the form of an application for Android and iOS/iPadOS to safely browse even on the go.
  •  Browser extensions – you can take advantage of CyberGhost VPN directly from your browser, installing the official service extension for Chrome and Firefox.
  •  TV App – CyberGhost VPN is also available on some devices to connect to your TV, such as Amazon’s Fire TV Stick and Smart TVs equipped with Android TV.
  •  Routers and other devices – by setting up a custom connection with OpenVPN, L2TP, or IPSec, you can also protect your relationship with CyberGhost VPN directly from your router. In addition, the service can be used on devices such as Raspberry Pi, NAS Synology, VU+ Solo 2, and computers running ChromeOS.

For more information about CyberGhost VPN applications and the devices supported by the service, see this page of the official website.

CyberGhost VPN Pricing and Servers

CyberGhost VPN has a 1-day free trial. Subsequently, to continue to use the service, you must subscribe among those available.

  •  One month at 11.99 euros – Take advantage of CyberGhost VPN on all supported devices for one month.
  •  One allows you to take advantage of CyberGhost VPN on all supported devices for one year. 1 year at 2.75 euros/month – is the cheapest plan. Billing is annual: 33 euros in the first year and then 66 euros from the next renewal.
  •  Six months to 4.99 euros/month – to take advantage of CyberGhost VPN on all supported devices for six months. The billing is six months: 29.94 euros in the first year and 59.88 euros from the next renewal.
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In addition,  by paying an additional 5 euros/month, you can obtain a  dedicated IP to use exclusively on your users. Payment can be made monthly, every six months, or every year, depending on the CyberGhost VPN plan signed.

All subscription plans allow you to use CyberGhost VPN on up to  7 devices simultaneously and access all over  5,900 servers in the service, which are spread across  90 countries worldwide.

Some servers also allow access to foreign catalogs of streaming services and access to streaming services not yet available in Italy. To find out which services are supported and which servers, check out this page of the CyberGhost VPN website and select the Services tab.

The accepted payment methods are PayPal,  credit card (also prepaid), and  BitPay (i.e., Bitcoin).


How to use CyberGhost VPN

At this point, I would say you are ready to find out how to use CyberGhost VPN. Therefore, let’s see, therefore, let’s see how to take advantage of the service on all the devices on which it is available: I assure you that it is a breeze!

How CyberGhost VPN works on PC

The first step you need to take to use CyberGhost VPN on your PC is to connect to the program’s official website and click on the Get  CyberGhost VPN button to directly purchase a subscription to the service with a special discount reserved for Aranzulla. It readers, or on the item Or test it for free for 24 hours, if you want to download the software for free and test it for 24 hours.

In the first case, select one of the available plans. The payment method you prefer between  PayPal,  credit card, and  BitPay, fill out the form that is proposed to you (providing the email address and any other data requested), and complete the transaction, clicking on the  Continue/Buy now button and following the on-screen directions (you can then set the password for your account by clicking on the  My Account button, located at the top right).

If, on the other hand, you want to try CyberGhost VPN for free, after clicking on the item Or try it for free for 24 hours, wait for the download of the software installation package to be completed. When the download is complete, start the  .exe file and wait a few seconds for all the components necessary for the software to function correctly from the Internet.

Next, click the  Accept button and wait for the setup to be completed automatically. The program will start on its own. When the driver installation alert appears, give your consent by clicking on the Install button.

At this point, move to the CyberGhost VPN tile that appeared in the lower right corner of the screen and filled out the registration form so that you can create your account: enter email,  password,  password confirmation, and click on the Signup button (checking the I agree with VPN terms of service and privacy policies box).

If you have already registered with CyberGhost VPN, click the return to login page (bottom) entry instead and fill out the login form proposed.

When you’re logged in, all you have to do is select a server from the  Connect To drop-down menu and click on the lever in the middle of the CyberGhost VPN tile, so you can activate the VPN and connect to the selected server.

To see the complete list of available servers, expand the Connect To drop-down menu and select the  Multiple Servers from The Server item. This will open the full list of servers. You can browse the servers according to various criteria (All servers,  For torrenting and streaming) and mark the favorite ones by clicking on the relative icon of the star.

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To disconnect from the VPN at the end of your online browsing session, call the CyberGhost VPN tile (by clicking on the software icon in the notification area next to your Windows watch) and press the power button.

Want to adjust CyberGhost VPN’s advanced settings? Nothing could be easier: click on the arrow on the left side of the program pane.

In the window that opens, select the  Connection Features entry from the left sidebar and choose whether to turn on or off features such as blocking malicious websites,  blocking online monitoring,  HTTPS auto-redirection, and data compression.

By selecting Smart Rules instead, you can set automatisms to start CyberGhost VPN automatically when you sign in to Windows, automatically activate the VPN when you open the program, automatically set wi-fi protection when you connect to a specific network and use app protection to allow CyberGhost to start automatically and connect to a particular location when you open a specific application.

Finally, I would like to point out that by selecting my account from the left sidebar, you can view the information related to your account and manage it (by pressing on the appropriate button and then acting from the CyberGhost VPN site that will open automatically).

By clicking on the  Settings entry (at the bottom of the left sidebar), you can adjust some program settings, such as the language and appearance of the user interface (in the  General tab). Moving to the Connection tab, you can adjust the settings for the ports and protocol to use.

To save the whole thing, click on the arrow icon you used earlier to expand the CyberGhost VPN screen: the changes will take effect immediately.

Do you use a Mac? No problem: in that case, you can download CyberGhost VPN as explained above (the procedure to follow is the same view for the Windows version of the program).

When the download is complete, then open the .pkg file obtained, click the  Continue button twice in a row, then on Accept and  Install, enter the mac administration password and entering. Within a few moments, the setup will be automatically completed.

Having done that, all you have to do is start CyberGhost VPN and use the software following the exact directions I gave you about the Client for Windows: its operation is pretty much the same.

Finally, if you wish, I remind you that you can also use CyberGhost VPN via its official extension for  Chrome and  Firefox browsers. In this case, however, the protection of online activities will be available only within the latter and not for all programs running on the PC.


How CyberGhost VPN works on smartphones and tablets

If you want to use CyberGhost VPN on your smartphone and tablet, you can take advantage of the official service application available for Android and iOS/iPad.

If you are using an  Android terminal, then open the  Play Store (the colorful ▶-  symbol), search for CyberGhost VPN within the latter (or open the link I provided you just now), and press the Install button. Proceed with the installation of the app.

If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, open the App Store instead (the blue icon with the stylized “A” in the center), select the Search tab, and search for CyberGhost VPN, or open the link I provided you a few lines up. Next, press the  Get/Install button and confirm your app installation using face ID, Touch ID, or by entering your Apple ID password.

Once the installation is complete, all you have to do is launch the  CyberGhost VPN app,  accept the privacy policy and choose whether to subscribe to the service by taking advantage of the 7-day free trial, pressing the Sign up now button, or authenticating with an existing account, pressing on the item I already have an account and entering your login details. If you are asked for permission to receive notifications, accept.

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At this point, you’re done: all you have to do is select a server from the Connect To menu and move the lever in the center of the screen to ON to connect to the VPN. You may be asked to authorize a VPN profile on the device on the first connection: accept.

To disconnect from the VPN, launch the CyberGhost VPN app and press the power button in the center of the screen. Easier than that?!


How CyberGhost VPN works on TV

Would you like to use CyberGhost VPN on your TV? Nothing impossible, as long as you have a Fire TV Stick from Amazon or a Smart TV equipped with Android TV. In that case, you have to access the store included in the device, search for the  CyberGhost VPN app, and install it.

After installing the CyberGhost VPN application, start it, visit the web page that is indicated to you ( ) from computer or mobile device, press on the item Connect to your Fire  TV Connect to your  Android TV and enter, in the form that is proposed to you, the PIN that you see on the TV screen.

Next, press the  PIN Confirmation button in the CyberGhost VPN app on your TV and proceed by selecting the server to connect to from the Connect to drop-down menu. Next, press on the lever placed in the center of the screen, and within a few moments, you’ll be connected to your VPN.

To sign out of the VPN, all you have to do is open the CyberGhost VPN app again and press the power button in the center of the screen.


How CyberGhost VPN works on routers and other devices

As mentioned above, you can also use CyberGhost VPN by installing it directly on your router or devices like  Raspberry Pi,  NAS Synology,  VU+ Solo 2,  and ChromeOS computers.

The configuration of CyberGhost VPN on such devices is all simple but more articulated than what we have just seen for computers, smartphones, tablets, and TVs (for example, on routers, you need to take advantage of OpenVPN by flashing the DD-WRT firmware first).

I invite you, therefore, to refer to the official guides of CyberGhost VPN to find out exactly how to proceed.


For more information

If you need more information about CyberGhost VPN, I invite you to consult the official website of the service, on which you can find a detailed list of all the functions and benefits offered by the latter.

In addition, I recommend you visit the page with the Guides of CyberGhost VPN, within which you can find a list of tutorials dedicated to the operation of the service on all supported devices. There is also a convenient search bar within the same page, which allows you to find guides dedicated to the topics of your interest quickly.

If you need direct support from an operator, click the  Help button at the bottom right, type the topic for which you request assistance in the text field that appears on the screen, and press  Enter. If the solutions you’re automatically offered don’t satisfy you, click on the  Chat button, and you can chat in real-time with an operator.

Alternatively, you can click on the  Submit a request button, top right, and send a written request to CyberGhost VPN: the service staff will reply to you as soon as possible to the email address you will provide.