Best VPN for South Africa in 2021

If you spoke to your friend about security and anonymity, asking him how could you stop others from watching what you do on the Internet or even accessing websites that block access from Italy, these will surely have told you about VPN services. I know it’s something that may seem difficult to master at first, but that, with the necessary knowledge, turns out to be less complex than many people think and can come back really, very useful.

I can tell you right away that using a VPN is one of the most practical and effective solutions to “mask” your internet activities and avoid geographical location-based censorship. It does not guarantee anonymity, not always at least. Still, it can help to avoid invasive tracking and, as already mentioned, to avoid being precisely located during its “raids” on the Net.

To use VPNs, it takes very little, in some cases just a simple click, but, despite this, it is better to study the topic a little and acquire a minimum of notions about it, even just to understand which service is best suited to your needs. In the guide below, I will give you some basic information about VPNs, explain how they work, and finally, show you the best VPNs you can rely on to get good results. Are you ready to start? Well, because I assure you that you will be able to master these tools in the best time by following my suggestions. Have a good read, and have fun!


What is a VPN?

Now that I’ve convinced you to enter the world of VPNs, it’s time to get serious and understand exactly what it is. VPN is an acronym and is short for the English expression Virtual Private Network, translated into Italian as “virtual private network.” In practice, a VPN is a way to hide the activities that occur on the Internet and secure them from prying eyes (surveillance agencies, cybercriminals listening on the internet, and so on). This is achieved thanks to a particular type of encrypted connection (which in computer science is called a tunnel)between the computer that has to browse securely – or the smartphone, tablet, or other devices connected to the Internet – and the computer that offers this type of service (the server).

What happens is very simple: to protect traffic, you connect to the VPN server through the Internet, asking it to send and receive data on your own. Data traveling between the device and the server is protected and encrypted so that no one can read it from the outside. As a result, the websites visited and the services you use arrive at the IP (i.e., the identification address) of the VPN and not that of the user. So the website or service cannot “understand” where you visit it, nor can service providers (TIM, Vodafone, Infostrada, etc.) trace back to VPN-generated traffic.

VPNs are also often used in the enterprise, especially if employees can work from home. If the company provides VPN access, in fact, it is possible to enter the local network (entering username and password) as if you were connected by cable, thanks to the virtual tunnel that is created. This way, even from your computer and home desk, you can access shared files, documents, and folders on your corporate, private network, just as if you were on site.


How to use a VPN? 

How VPN Works

Does this talk interest you and want to know more about how to use a VPN? Perfect, read the explanations carefully I’m going to give you, and in no time at all, it will be much clearer. As I told you just now, a VPN is a technology that allows you to surf the Internet and use other services (emails, games, chats, and everything related to the Network), filtering the user’s provenance and protecting their communications.

How you can achieve this result is very simple: first, you have to choose a VPN suitable for your needs. You have to register for it and download the program or the app that allows you to use it from PCs, smartphones, and tablets. Once you have installed the program or app, you must run it and enter the credentials chosen during registration. Once logged in, the program or app creates a tunnel between the user’s device and the VPN server.

All traffic between the device and the VPN is protected, masked, and made invisible from the outside. This way, the data cannot be intercepted from outside. Furthermore, Internet services do not know the true IP address of the user, but only that of the VPN. On the other hand, since the data has to go through two different connections, if the VPN service is not fast enough (or the servers are far away), you may experience slowdowns in online browsing.

Beware, though: using a VPN can also be dangerous, especially if the VPN doesn’t come from a reliable carrier. It is, in fact, possible that the VPN records all your traffic (it can do so because the VPN knows your real IP and what you require) for advertising profiling or data analysis purposes. That’s why, when you decide to rely on a VPN, you have to be sure to use a quality service.


Best VPNs for South Africa 2021

Are you telling me I finally convinced you to use a VPN to secure your traffic? I am thrilled with this because this type of technology can protect you from unwanted eyes and mask your geographical location. As I also explained to you in my tutorial on programs to hide IP, VPN can be a solution to avoid blockages due to geographical location. Some VPNs, in fact, allow you to choose the country with which you need to be located on the Internet and therefore also access the sites blocked in your country.

Below I want to recommend those that, in my opinion, are among the best VPNs that can be found in circulation at the moment. I anticipate that most of them have paid plans, although there is often the option to try them for free. Have fun!

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Best VPN in SA South Africa 2022

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is at the top of our list of record VPNs for South Africa only because it is among the very most effective all-around VPNs on the market. Not only does this offer speeds, it combines that also using a design along with encryption protocols. It’s simple to install and operates.

The business runs over 1,500 VPN servers. Local people overseas can use these servers to get content such as Super along with MTN Sports.

If you are concerned about privacy and privacy afterward, the coverage of not keeping any user logs of ExpressVPN must facilitate your worries. The only minimum information that the company shops are metadata about this”date (not time) of relationship, selection of host location and overall bandwidth utilized.” Your personal IP address won’t ever be logged.

As for security parameters, ExpressVPN perfects forward secrecy and employs HMAC authentication in addition to protocols. There is a kill switch which the organization calls for a network lock’. This attribute means in the event the link drops 15, all internet visitors will be stopped. That is another layer of protection — making sure there aren’t any momentary doorways for prying eyes to enter.

ExpressVPN can unlock articles. It’s also compatible with Amazon Prime, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, SuperSport, and other African TV stations. ExpressVPN supports torrenting. There are computers for Windows, macOS, and Linux and programs such as iOS and Android.


  • Quick levels for loading and torrenting
  • Best in class privacy and security features are built-in
  • Unblocks a Huge Variety of geo-locked Websites, e.g., Netflix
  • Easy for many platforms are beginner-friendly to use programs
  • 24/7 live chat support team are all well trained and knowledgable


  • Perhaps not the cheapest supplier with this record


2. NordVPN

In a post about the best VPNs, nordvpn certainly couldn’t miss it – one of the most popular and used VPN services in the world. NordVPN helps protect its online activities and overcome regional restrictions thanks to an advanced encryption system and its many servers, which are located worldwide and offer high performance to perform the most diverse operations, from simple web browsing to streaming multimedia content.

There are also servers dedicated to file exchange on P2P networks, navigation via Onion protocol (the Tor anonymous navigation system), and some servers with dedicated IPs. Just select the server you prefer the most and, in a few moments, you are ready to navigate safely under any network, even public ones, without your activities being tracked by attackers, ISPs, or the NordVPN itself.

Another strength of NordVPN is platform compatibility: the service, in fact, is available in the form of an application for Windows PCs, Macs, and computers equipped with Linux, Android devices, iPhone/iPad, and many other devices, including Smart TVs equipped with Android TV, NAS, Raspberry Pi, and routers. On each platform, the service is straightforward to use and does not require complicated manual configurations.

NordVPN offers several plans: the most convenient one is that of 2 or 3 years according to the current promo that costs less than 3 euros/month (billed annually) and allows you to take advantage of NordVPN on all supported devices, up to 6 at the same time. Alternatively, there is the 2-year plan that costs 2.97 euros/month (billed annually), the 1-year plan that costs 3.93 euros/month (billed annually), and the 1-month plan that, instead, costs 9.56 euros.

To learn more, I invite you to read my NordVPN review, where I had the opportunity to explain in detail how the service works.


  • Declaration of assets that are no-logging
  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Powerful Kill Switch
  • Wide Array of servers to link to


  • Some UI Problems using the Program
  • Could Be Costly


3. Surfshark

Another VPN service I highly recommend you try is Surfshark, which stands out for the great prices it’s offered, the security it provides (use 256-bit advanced encryption), ease of use, and the number of servers available.

With Surfshark, you can browse without limits from all your devices, being able to count on the highest level of privacy: your activities will be encrypted securely and cannot be tracked either by your Internet provider, by potential attackers, let alone by Surfshark, which records absolutely nothing about users’ activities. This means that you can also connect to public wireless networks without the fear of being spied on.

In addition, thanks to the more than 1040 servers spread over 61 countries on which the service can count, Surfshark allows you to overcome regional blocks, censorship and access the external catalogs of streaming services: all in a few clicks (or taps, from mobile), without having to face complicated configurations.

Another winning feature of Surfshark is the availability of smart DNS, which allows you to take advantage of the service even on those devices that do not natively support the use of VPNs, such as Smart TVs, Apple TVs, or video game consoles. This allows you to have a secure connection on all devices: desktop and laptop computers (through surfshark’s official application for Windows, macOS, and Linux, and surfshark extension for Chrome and Firefox); smartphones and tablets (via the Surfshark app for Android and iOS/iPadOS); Fire TV Stick (via surfshark’s official app); Smart TVs, Apple TVs, PlayStation, Xbox, and other devices, via smart DNS.

Other handy features of Surfshark, such as Whitelister, should also be mentioned, allowing you to create a list of exceptions related to programs that do not have to use VPN (ideal for online banking); CleanWeb, which helps protect against malware, phishing, and other malicious/annoying content online, and Kill Switch, to automatically turn off internet connection if you sign out of the VPN.

As mentioned above, Surfshark’s prices are extremely competitive: the most affordable plan is the 24-month plan which, for 1.79 euros/month (billed every 24 months), allows you to take advantage of the VPN on all devices without any limit (in some promo periods it can also include extra free months); then there is the 12-month plan that costs 4.99 euros/month (with annual billing) and the 1-month plan, which instead costs 9.89 euros (without obligation to renew or constraint). Also highlighted is the availability of two additional options: HackLock, which allows you to find out if your email address has been the subject of an online data leak, and BlindSearch, which allows you to search online in a completely anonymous way instead. Both options cost 0.89 euros/month.

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To choose a plan and start using Surfshark on your PC, all you have to do is visit the service’s official website and click on the Buy Now button. On the page that opens, then choose the plan you intend to buy, type your email address in the appropriate text field, choose whether to activate the optional HackLock and BlindSearch functions, indicate a payment method between credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, I suffer, Amazon Pay or Cryptocurrency and complete the transaction following the on-screen directions. After that, you can download the program by connecting to the download page dedicated to Windows or macOS and clicking on the Download Now button. Alternatively, if you prefer to act as a mobile, you can install the Surfshark app for Android or iOS/iPadOS and press on the button to start the free trial or enter login data to sign in with your previously created account.

Once the Surfshark app is installed, surfing online safely is really a breeze, both from computers, smartphones, and tablets. All you have to do is press the quick connect button to quickly connect to the fastest or nearest VPN server, or you have to go to the Locations section and choose the server to use among the many available.

Within a few seconds, the connection will be active. At the end of the session, to disconnect from the VPN, simply call Surfshark and press the Disconnect button. Easier than that?

For more information and learn more about how Surfshark works on all devices, see the official service guide.


  • Unblocks Netflix
  • A lot of features
  • Cost successful 2-year Program


  • The display is for Mobile or even Mac just.
  • Kill Switch demands work


4. CyberGhost

CyberGhost is an online VPN service since 2004 that, on the Net, enjoys really, very good reviews. Through this service, you can choose to connect to over 1,000 servers in numerous countries worldwide, which offer unlimited traffic and bandwidth. This means that you can navigate as much as you want and without suffering severe slowdowns. CyberGhost is also available for many different operating systems and devices, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and even some router operating systems. You can connect up to 5 devices using the same account at the same time.

How much does this cost? Not much, actually, if you decide to invest in a long-term subscription. You first have the option to try CyberGhost VPN for 7 days in an unlimited way, after which you have to subscribe with one of the available plans. You can choose to pay 10.99 euros/month, 47.94 euros/6 months, or 59.88 euros/year. I invite you to consult the official page of the service to start the free trial or subscribe to the VPN and my dedicated tutorial to learn more.


  • A budget-priced supplier with remarkable rates
  • Programs are simple to use and suitable for new users.
  • A fantastic selection of servers in South Africa Is Very Good for unblocking content while overseas.
  • No problems and also much more


  • Does not operate in China



Zenmate VPN is just another VPN available on the marketplace. They do not provide you 256-bit encryption, just 128-bit. Regrettably, you can’t torrent using ZENMATE VPN; also, there appears to wrong with them compared to straight. But they do provide free VPN support, except for OpenVPN tunneling.

ZENMATE VPN seems to get the concept of supplying a VPN for your non-technical individual who simply wishes to secure their online identity. They’ve 298 servers in 30+ states, and you’re able to join with any apparatus (iPhone, Android, Linux, or even Windows). They supply you with a 30-day money-back warranty.

Their pricing is not too bad either when you’re considering roughly $2.05 each month(R30.00 a month).


  • 7-day free trial
  • Cross-platform programs


  • Lacks features
  • Doesn’t unblock Netflix


6. IPVanish

IPVanish is just another highly reliable VPN service that provides powerful encryption, rigorous solitude, and blazing rates. It.

IPVanish utilizes encryption over the OpenVPN protocol by default authentication and a primary market with perfect secrecy to secure traffic. The lattermost attribute ensures your previous data will stay encrypted even in the situation of a hacker gleaning entry.

There is a kill button embedded inside the system structure. The business enables five apparatus to connect with a single account.

Servers have been spread out worldwide and do not compromise any facets of their internet experience. There’s a choice to link to over 850 options, such as six servers in South Africa.

IPVanish is not an excellent alternative for people who want to get Hulu or even Netflix. It will work with BBC iPlayer.

There is support for both macOS and Windows in addition to programs for the two iOS and Android.

As it lets them obtain the Android APK straight, IPvanish is a favorite with Kodi users. The port is also controller-friendly for Kodi apparatus that lack a mouse and a computer keyboard.


  • Provides a link on all programs
  • Impressive streaming rates
  • Offers chat
  • Utilize up to eight devices


  • Customer Care is a little slow.
  • Programs do not operate in China.


7. Ivacy

A firm has existed since 2007, is based in Singapore, and continues to be maintaining its client identity. I analyzed Ivacy in my cellphone (I’ve got both a Samsung and an iPhone), even in my notebook, and it functioned well on all of the apparatus.

When linking to some South African host, my latency didn’t exceed higher than 48ms, together with using it running in a 180ms when connecting to a UK server, demonstrating their servers operate to supply you a link. I did note that if I had been idle on my telephone, the Program would quit working the VPN, which is on my own iPhone and might be a matter that is restricted.

They have 1000 servers in over 50+ states, and also their Program can operate operating systems and devices. You’re able to look into paying $3.33 a month for a year contract, and it can be aggressive to other VPN businesses available on the marketplace. If they have 6 servers in Africa, you won’t fail with Ivacy.


  • Unblocks Netflix
  • Reactive Support


  • Small Server inhabitants
  • Speeds on several servers have been slow.


8. VyprVPN

VyprVPN is perhaps among the best VPNs in terms of speed and performance. It is an online service for several years that certainly stands out for efficiency and versatility. To better understand, VyprVPN allows you to choose the server to connect to and choose the fastest server completely automatically. VyprVPN is available not only for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, but also as an app for some Smart TVs, numerous router models, Anonaboxrouters, QNAP, and Synology NAS, BlackBerry, and Blackphone.

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You can try VyprVPN for free for the first GB of traffic, after which you have to subscribe using one of the available plans. You can choose the $5/month one (billed annually) that offers unlimited traffic and 3 concurrent connections, or the $6.67/month (billed annually) that offers unlimited traffic, 5 concurrent connections, VyprVPN Cloud service, and Chameleon technology (which offers automatic protection on free networks). You can try or subscribe to the service directly from this page.

The company states that data can be employed to enhance service quality and is stored on servers for 30 days. There is no method of discovering details of internet traffic.

You will find more than 700 servers spread throughout the planet but no choices for South Africa.

Programs are offered for iOS and Android in addition to desktop support for both Windows and macOS. Premium subscribers can join as many as five devices at one time.

The material can be unlocked by VyprVPN on BBC iPlayer, Hulu, along US Netflix.


  • Speeds are steady and quick.
  • Keeps no distinguishing logs
  • Servers may unblock Hulu Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, along BBC iPlayer.


  • Suppliers have more choices for configuration.
  • Perhaps not the cheapest alternative here
  • No more payment approach that is cryptocurrency.


Free VPN for South Africa?

Individuals who do not believe VPNs are worth the cash might elect a completely free VPN service. Nonetheless, before embarking on a choice you may regret, it’s far better to understand the truth.

The simple fact is that many free VPN and proxy suppliers are captured mining and promoting user information (more about that in another section). Another thing is that there will be bandwidth throttling limits and also a choice of servers. So don’t anticipate criteria services are not available to safeguard your privacy.

Free VPN businesses have to decorate also. You are bombarded with pop-up windows along with commercials. This indicates that you’re the item. Our recommendation is to remain secure each month and cough up a couple of bucks — when your apparatus contracts a disease or your information is exposed, you may incur tens of thousands of dollars in losses.


Best  Free VPN at South Africa (SA)


1. Opera VPN: 

Hold on tight; it’s time to introduce you to a VPN completely free! This is Opera VPN, and it is the service integrated into the famous internet browser that I have already got to introduce you to in my tutorial on the best browsers. This VPN offers a basic service to rely on to disguise your IP address and not reveal your location to websites. In any case, being a free VPN does not have much to offer: it does not allow you to choose which part of the world to connect from and, as also written in the browser settings, can negatively affect the browsing speed. It should also be emphasized that it is not specified whether the data passing through this VPN is used for marketing or profiling purposes. In short: use this service only if you need to access a blocked website for your country in which you are, and avoid filling out forms with passwords unless you use an HTTPS connection.

Have you fully understood when and how to use Opera VPN and now understand how to activate it? Let me explain right away. If you are using Windows or macOS, download Opera from this page and install it as a normal program. Once you have installed the browser on your computer, click the button with the red O at the top right and then on the Settings entry. Click now on the Confidentiality & Security entry on the left, then click the square next to the phrase Activate VPN. Now you can navigate as you usually would. To turn off the VPN, repeat the procedure, and this time, click the Turn on VPN handle to remove the checkmark.

Did you see that? The VPN universe isn’t that complicated to explore; I’m sure that thanks to my recommendations, you are now perfectly able to decide which VPN is best suited to you and, most importantly, when you need to use one to keep your data safe and use the internet in complete peace of mind.

2. Hola Free VPN:

Hola is. This VPN is mainly. This VPN permits you to link to Netflix areas that are alternative or sites. I do not advocate free VPNs. I found this VPN and discovered when seeking to buffer film or a Netflix show, the loading time was slow and sometimes frustrating. In the long run, I would not see the series.

3. TunnelBear Free VPN:

TunnelBear isn’t 100% totally free. It will, however, provide a strategy for 1 device to automatically connect to the net using an information limitation. While the information limit is reduced, it will also allow you to conduct speed tests and fool around with the application. But that said, it is not among the greatest”free” VPN services due to the cap limitation.

3. Windscribe Free VPN:

Like TunnelBear, Windscribe VPN provides a free program that is restricted but. Windscribe can be installed by you and operate on these devices with up to bandwidth per month. The restricted plan permits you to link to servers from 11 nations instead of the 50 you can connect to update to the Pro version.


Remember, however, there is no way not to leave any trace of what you do on the Internet. I’m telling you this because you often think that you may be allowed to perform illegal practices using a VPN. Trust me, this is absolutely not the case because a crime always remains a crime, and, VPN or not, sooner or later, the nodes (and crimes!) always come to the comb. Use the Internet and VPNs with conscience, always respecting the law.

But wait, are you telling me that VPNs are too expensive and that you just want to hide your IP to browse blocked sites? I have the solution you are looking for, and I invite you to consult my previous tutorial on how to hide IP. I can guarantee you will be very, very satisfied!

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