Best Schools in South Africa 2021

Which faculty from South Africa will give the ideal instruction to agree with your children’s requirements if you have moved into South Africa with kids?

Many ex-pats send their kids to an international school in South Africa (there aren’t any in Johannesburg independently ), but there’s also a high number of exceptional South African private schools – solitary gender, co-ed, or even dressing – which you ought to take into account (see school listings below). In case your employer provides a budget for education or doesn’t cover school fees, a school will be more affordable.


Best Schools in South Africa


Best Schools in South Africa (SA) in 2021

The schools reveal what South African parents are currently paying to get a whole year in 2015. They all have already been reported to have attained a 100% matric pass rate at 2014.

1. Michael House:

A boys boarding school located at Kwazulu-Natal Midlands.

2. Hilton School:

A personal, all-boys, boarding school in Kwazulu-Natal.

3. Roedean School for Girls:

An all-girls faculty in Parktown, Johannesburg.

4. St Andrews School:

An all-boys school located in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape.

5. St Johns School:

A boys school in Houghton, Johannesburg.

6. Kearsney School:

A private boarding school for boys located in Botha’s Hill, KwaZulu-Natal.

7. St Andrew’s School for Girls:

A girl’s school located in Bedfordview, Johannesburg.

8. St Martins School:

A co-educational school located in Rosettenville, Johannesburg.

9. St Stithians School:

A private school with 2 single-sex streams located in Sandton, Johannesburg.

10. Bishops School:

A private boys school in Rondebosch, Cape Town



Best way to Find the Best School for your kid in SA

Several things will play a part in your choice. Below is a review of the factors you need to think about, highlighting a few differences between the private and international schools.


This is actually the factor. You won’t know how sound that is there is a school till your children have gone. It is the place where speaking to some other ex-pats in scenarios that are comparable is among the very worth. It’s reasonable to state that African schools lag behind England academically and the USA, especially in math and reading that is ancient.

If you believe your kids are well served by continuing their current program, and should you have reason to stress that creating missing education upon your return for your residence country will probably likely soon be too hard for them, even a global school provides more safety (in case you come from a nation whose program the comprehensive school signifies ).

Academics are just 1 portion of the operation of a school, and private schools do an outstanding job in the region of offering a balanced education, sports, discipline, and life skills. Learn if they take part in and the way they score in worldwide and nationwide examinations when studying schools. You could check at enrolment trends and instructor turnover.



Higher than anywhere else, this should be your number one concern, even to be explored (with your location to reside ). Johannesburg traffic is anyplace bad, and primarily through rush hour, thus a school in walking space is perfect, followed by.



Most ex-pats get school fees reimbursed by their own businesses, so this might not be your number one issue. However, you still will have to learn what’s covered (such as toddlers, extracurricular classes, bus support etc.). A cost comparison isn’t contained here, as charge arrangements vary considerably and can be perplexing since they don’t need to fund teachers, but in private schools are more affordable than the schools.


Language of Education

If you are interested in education, then the schools that are French or German are the choices. The rest of the schools have an English knowledge but provide different foreign languages (Zulu and Afrikaans in the private schools, and much more mainstream–by an ex-pat standpoint –languages in the global schools ).


Particular Needs

Contact the school to learn precisely what is provided, if that is an issue for you. Schools may be accommodating and have a tendency to be elastic in general than a number of the schools, but additionally, it will be contingent on your child’s specific conditions. Look for a list of particular needs schools in the ISASA site.


School hours

Based on where you are coming out, your children can get a school day that is longer or shorter than you are utilized to. Private schools usually move from 7:30 to 2:00, together with optional sports and extracurricular actions from 2:00 to 4:00, although the worldwide schools usually reflect what is customary in the various school’s home state.


School year

The school season starts and finishes in December, together with using quite a few vacations between along with just 2 fractures in August and April. Hence, of attending a private school, the drawback is that your children will return a half a tier because nearly all schools insist on pairing kids.

The worldwide schools, nevertheless, follow the classic August-June school year (with the exclusion of British International school), therefore if shedding that half-year is an issue for you, you’re better off having a global school. That brings the following question: the home nation’s holidays are also followed by International schools, which means that your work calendar may not be matched with your children’, making journey planning harder.


Sports/Extra murals

If your kids are spent in sports and need to keep them, you must assess what the school provides. Visitors in Johannesburg is unpleasant at all so that if there is a game available in a bar, it might not be suitable for you to push there a few times each week. Sports are offered by all schools.

If you’re searching for rugby and cricket, a school will be ideal, however, the school is better if you’re searching for basketball. Tennis and swimming have a tendency to be sports in both private and global schools. Assess what songs supplies are offered throughout the faculty — a few schools bring to instruct instruments.


Life abilities

Moving to a different state and attending a school in itself is a massive achievement concerning life skills. Your kids will understand from that experience. However, there are How does a school have programs? Entrepreneur days? Job shadowing? Elective subjects/extra murals? Can there be an approach as multiple-choice examinations versus only learning? What type of vision does the school have within the next ten decades? Do songs, sports, and teens appear to get balanced?



Your children (and you! ) ) Will create friends. On fulfilling more ex-pats in a global school, and South Africans in a school count. Since you’ve got a lot in familiar friends are fantastic, but they often move. Buddies will supply a glimpse into the spirit of the country. You will dwell in a place like Dainfern or even Kyalami with populations of South Africans in addition to ex-pats, letting you fulfil both.

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