20+ Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in South Africa 2021 to Earn Online

Affiliate Marketing is one of the great ways to make money online in South Africa. The biggest challenge for most people is finding businesses that you can send referrals to pay you a good affiliate commission.

Successful affiliate marketing depends entirely on fantastic physical products and services that you can create marketing campaigns for.

In this post, I’m going to share 43 different companies in South Africa that have affiliate programs that you can refer to prospects and customers right now to start earning income online.

Before we share these details with you, let’s look at Affiliate Marketing in a bit more detail.


How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing

Basically, affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where a business or service provider either order a third party (referenced affiliate) to refer a business or leads the way.

If you want to learn more about how affiliate marketing works, this post will help you make money online with affiliate marketing in South Africa.

The payout from these companies to affiliate companies will vary from company to company, but they can range from 2% to 50%. How much money you make will also largely depend on their conversion rates.

Some of these commissions are paid even once, while others are paid regularly for products of a recurring nature.


Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in South Africa 2021

As mentioned earlier, finding businesses that have established referral or affiliate programs can be challenging, but I’ve worked hard for you. Here is a list of 43 affiliate marketing programs in South Africa and, most importantly, how to use them to make money online.

I grouped them by industry to make them a little easier for you.


Best Health and Wellness Programs in South Africa

There are many opportunities in health and fitness as a specialist in the associated South African market. Here is a list of South African fitness, supplement and health and wellness programs:

If you are a fitness blogger or influencer, it is pretty easy to promote these products and services. How to use these health and wellness affiliate programs to earn money online:


Coach Parry

Coach Parray

Lindsay Parry is a mobile and triathlon coach who has competed in 2 Olympic Games as part of the South African team, helping athletes achieve their goal of winning the world title, winning the teammate marathon, and finishing teammates of thousands of athletes. Official comrade marathon coach.

Lindsay has created an online training platform that you can promote as affiliates and earn commissions on any of your monthly or annual club training plans or 12 consecutive weeks, bikes or triathlon training plans.

How to use it: If you have a fitness blog or YouTube channel, you can give workout tips and promote your audience at Coach Parry Training Club and anyone you join the Coach Parry Training Club or who buys a 12-week training plan.


USN – Ultimate Sports Nutrition

USN - Ultimate Sports Nutrition

USN or Ultimate Sports Nutrition is a complementary company launched in South Africa but has become a large-scale international company. USAN supplements are available at most retailers in South Africa, but they are also available for purchase via the USN online store.

USN has an affiliate program that pays you the high commission you sell. The referencing fee starts at 5% and is above 10%.

How to use it: You can create a series of blog posts to review your protein supplements and generate commissions through your affiliate links in these posts.




E-Vitamins has an excellent affiliate program if you blog about any topic related to health and wellness. They pay between 12% and 20% in reference commissions, so South Africa has a high chance of winning as an affiliate market specialist.

How to use it: You can make a comparative video comparing two collagen supplements.


The Health nut

The Health Nut

If you are interested in alternative health and alternative health products, then Health Nuts will be perfect for you to promote.

How to use it: Youcan create in-depth blog posts about the benefits and uses of activated charcoal using an active link and directly on this product.


Pure Nutrcare

Pure NewTracker has a range of sports nutrition products that you can use to generate online revenue by referring to traffic and customers on their way.

Pure Nutracare offers a 20% commission on any sale you refer to, and you can earn an additional 5% on any sale of any other subsidiary to which you refer.

How to use it: You can create a detailed video review of their quick recovery and post it on your Youtube channel.




Natural Wise is another excellent website to partner with as an affiliate trade specialist in South Africa. They have a wide range of health and wellness products that you can generate from an affiliate income.

They currently pay a 10% membership commission on any sale generated by your affiliate link.

How to use it: Of course, there is an amazing range of products! You can review and compare some of their high-ticket items, such as their juicer or dehydrator and create a huge amount of affiliate commissions on each sale.


Master Health Products

Master Health Products

Master Health Products is another South African national company with an affiliate program that pays a nice commission. They pay 10% on all sales generated by your social media platform, blog and email list.

How to use it: You can write a blog post about the benefits of using ear candles and links to this specific product on the Master Health Products website.


Faithful of Nature

Faithful of Nature

If you are into organic things, Faithful of Nature is a business you certainly want to promote as a partner. Confidence in nature believes in sustainable organic products and ensures that every product they sell is as safe and natural as they say.

How to use it: You can create a series of YouTube videos about the benefits of probiotics and the importance of a healthy gut and links to their ancient and wide range of probiotics.



Best Fashion & Grooming Affiliate Programs in South Africa

The fashion industry is massive online and has many opportunities to generate online income as a successful affiliate marketer. There are many fashion, beauty and cosmetic and clothing affiliate programs for online promotion.

The list of fashion, beauty and clothing-related programs in South Africa is as follows:

    • Ever Beauty – 10% Commission
    • Wadi Organics – Between 10% and 20% commission
    • Pro Gifts – 15% Commission
    • Shape Wear Shop – 10% Commission

Let’s now learn a little more about these fashion and beauty affiliate programs.


Shape Wear Shop

There’s another South African online retailer you can promote as an affiliate marketer. They have a superb range of swimwear, gym wear and butt-shaping pants.

They offer a 10% referral commission, and you can sign up for their affiliate program by clicking here.

How to use it: You can create a blog post featuring the latest swimwear styles and link through the Shepverse website with your affiliate text link.


Vaadi Organics

Wadi Organics sells an extensive range of organic body products, from face wash and scrub to sunscreen, shampoos and pedicure kits.

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn a 10 to 20% commission on any sale generated through your referenced traffic.

How to use it: You can create a step-by-step tutorial to do on a deep cleaning face at home, and in that tutorial, you can display Wadi Organics products and link through their website.


Ever Beauty

Ever Beauty sells cosmetics and makeup online in South Africa. They offer a 10% commission on any sale, so here’s a great opportunity to earn an online income if you’re a fashion or beauty influencer.

How to use it: Makeup tutorials generate a ton of traffic online, and you can display products that ever sell beauty and link them through your affiliate links.


Pro Gifts

PropIfyts is a South African online retailer that sells a variety of products that include flowers and gifts. Still, as a beauty and fashion influencer or blogger, their fragrance range is super interesting.

They offer a 15% referral commission, and they stock an extensive range of some of the world’s largest and best fragrance brands.

How to use it: You can create a series of review blog posts on different fragrances for different events or occasions and link to the Propper website.


Best Travel Affiliate Programs in South Africa

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to be a travel blogger? There is something romantic about travelling the world and writing about it. And if you can pay for it, what’s the bonus! Many of us can’t travel the world all the time, but we can write about it.

If you’re a travel influencer or blogger, here’s how to use these travel and accommodation affiliate programs to earn an online income in South Africa:



TravelStart is considered one of the easiest websites to discover and book a flight or accommodation on the Internet today. I really like that. How easy it is. Also, they pay between R90 and R170 per booking that you refer to them.

If you have something to do with the travel industry and don’t use the TravelStart affiliate program, you’re missing.

How to use it: Writing a blog about top destinations? You can connect to flights to get there, accommodation to stay and activities to get there.



Justin is an online travel platform for value-conscious travellers. They have direct links with 30 bus companies as well as with all low-cost airlines in southern Africa.

Compared to other travel affiliate programs, the R15 commission offered by JustGo is at the bottom of the ladder by booking that is made from your references.

How to use it: Maybe you travelled by bus to sub-Saharan Africa and documented your online trip; JustGo would be a great way to earn commissions when sharing the details of these bus trips.



TripAdvisor is the world’s travel site. They get millions of visits every month, and you can join this action. You can earn commissions when you connect to any service provider listed on the TripAdvisor website. With flights, hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions, you really have millions of options to win.

How to use it: You can write a full blog about attractions in a specific city or city. In this post, you can deep-link to the restaurants and attractions of different hotels on the TripAdvisor website, on which you can earn an affiliate commission.


Safari now is the largest website for travel bookings in South and East Africa on the planet. If you create content around African Safari, SafariNow’s affiliate program will be perfect for you. They offer a 15% commission for every full booking you refer to, so if you can start traffic and referrals, there should be a lot of money with this affiliate program.

If you want to learn more about the SafariNow affiliate program.

How to use it: Once again, the sky is the limit with a type of content you can create using the SafariNo affiliate program. A great example of the content you can create is a series of blog posts on Safari Lodge in South Africa that are family-friendly.



Travelcheck is a website that gives users the ability to book flights and hotels as a package, and when they do, they receive them at a discounted price. Travelcheck pays affiliate commissions for airline tickets, hotel reservations and packaged travel offers.

Travelcheck R100 pays 4% of every hotel booking made by flight booking, R250 by package booking and your associated link. If you want to learn more about the Travelcheck affiliate program and want to sign up.

How to use it: If your Instagram account is travel-based, you can share photos of different destinations and link them to your bio. You can send people to the Trevcheck site to book the destinations you share on social media.


Cape of Good Hope Tours –

In 2018, 2.6 million tourists visited the Western Cape and Cape of Good Hope Tours, a large company to be promoted as an affiliate to earn online income through tourism in South Africa.

Cape of Good Hope Tours specializes in private tours around Cape Town and the Garden Route and recognizes nature, adventures and tour guides.

They pay between 1% and 5% membership commission on any booked visit and pay via your affiliate link.

How to use it: You can create a YouTube video about going to penguins on Boulders Beach and a link to Cape of Good Hope Tours for expert field visits.


Bags & Baggage

As a passenger, who doesn’t need luggage? Bags and accessories offer a wide range of suitcases and travel bags that you can link to your blog, YouTube channel or social media channels.

Bags and accessories currently pay 5% for the commission on any sale generated by your affiliate link. If you would like to sign up for their affiliate program.

How to use it: Product reviews are a great way to generate affiliate revenue, and you can take each product to the bags and luggage website and do a thorough review that will then link to their website for you. Generate reference commissions.


Cape Town Pass

Cape Town Pass allows visitors to purchase a single pass from many of Cape Town’s many tourist attractions. Users, through their app and website, can plan their trip and access these attractions.

Cape Town Pass offers a 5% commission on all sales generated by your unique affiliate link.

How to use it: You can create a series of blog posts to see and do in Cape Town, and each of these posts links to cape town pass so that your website can eventually buy one.



Avis is one of the most recognized travel brands globally, and you can partner with them. They offer car rental worldwide, which means you can promote your brands in your channels all over the world.

Depending on the amount mentioned in the notice, you can earn up to 4% as an affiliate.

How to use it: Road tripping is a great place in the travel industry, and you can create messages or videos on some of the best routes to drive in different countries.


Best eCommerce (Online Shopping) affiliate programs in South Africa

In South Africa, e-commerce and online shopping are exploding. There is a great opportunity for more and more consumers to turn to the Internet to make their purchases and generate revenue in the e-commerce space as an affiliate marketer.

Here is a list of e-commerce and online shopping affiliate programs in South Africa.

Let’s read one of them in a few more details and how you can earn an online income from them as an affiliate marketer.



Loot is one of the largest online retailers in South Africa, and they have a lot of products that they sell online. Loot as an affiliate marketer will pay you 5% of the first order of any customer you see on their website.

If you want to learn more about the Luth affiliate program.

How to use it: The Affiliate Program Smash offers you endless opportunities to promote books and various products, from sporting goods to electronics, on your website. It doesn’t matter what your niche is, are bound to be products that steal the stock that you can create content.



Like loot, Astra has an extensive range of goods that they sell online. However, the big difference between the two websites is that Zasra gives you a referral commission of 5% of life for every purchase you sent while not stealing.

If you want to learn more about Aastra product offerings and their affiliate program.

How to use it: If you are a mummy blogger, for example, you can write a product review on one of their mom and baby products and then link through this product to the Sastra site.



Mantality is an online retailer based in South Africa that specifically targets men with its range of products and services. Like loot and weapons, they have various products for sale, from men’s grooming products to gadgets for your man-Kev.

For all affiliated marketers who refer to customers on their online store, Mentality offers a very generous reference commission of 10%.

How to use it: If your online audience is predominantly male, motherhood has products that you can promote. Whether it’s creating a YouTube video about the ultimate human cave or if you’re writing a blog post to cut off your beard, you can link through the products on their website.


4aKid is a South African e-commerce store that targets parents with young children. They have children’s toys, clothes, decorations, books and more.

They also offer a very generous affiliate commission of up to 20% on sales generated by your affiliate link.

How to use it: Maybe you are someone who blogs about interior design; yes, you can create a chain around decorate children’s rooms and link to decorative items in a 4kid online shop.


Bid or buy

Bidrobu has been touring the South African e-commerce landscape for many years. They are a common online retail platform and also run online auctions. They do not offer an affiliate commission for the sale, but they pay as a lump sum for registered users up to R100 per user.

If you want to learn more about the Bid or Buy affiliate program.

How to use it: You can select specific functions to promote on your site; for example, say that the blog about stamp collections can get you an auction that sells tickets and promote it with your affiliate link on your website.


Future light

Future Lite is an online light retailer based in South Africa that literally sells for anything with lights. If you need a lightbulb for your bicycle or LED strip light, they can get you covered. If it lights up, they sell it!

They currently have an affiliate program and are running that pays a 7% referral commission for any sales generated through your affiliate link.

How to use it: If you own a YouTube channel that creates video content around home renovation or DIY projects, Future Lite is a great option for you, as you can promote their various lighting products within your videos.


Hannah Pad

Hannahhap is indeed a unique South African online retailer born out of the discovery of sustainable alternatives to disposable tampons and pads. Among other products, Hannahhap sells organic reusable fabric pads.

HannahHap pays a 10% affiliate commission on any sale that you generate through unique affiliate URLs or coupon codes.

How to use it: If you blog about women’s health issues, you can probably write a post about endometriosis and include Hanapads as a recommended product.


Mrs Martins

Mrs Martins sells locally made, environmentally friendly, organic cleaning products and accessories. Mrs Martins is a great business to promote if you’re looking for cleaning products that are safe for both you and your family.

They currently offer a 10% affiliate commission for any sale to which you can refer to them.

How to use it: If you blog about environmental issues and create many posts about products to use in your home that are not harmful to the environment and link through Mrs Martins’ product range.


Best Business Services Affiliate Programs in South Africa

Many of us create online content in the field of business and finance. The good news is that there are also companies in South Africa in this industry sector that have affiliate programmes.

Here is a list of business service affiliate programs in South Africa:


Wonga offers short-term loans between R4000 and R8000 to South African consumers. They can lend much faster than traditional South African lenders, and in doing so, they have created a highly successful business.

Wonga has an affiliate program, but you need a minimum of 25 000 unique visitors a month on your website, and their affiliate program is only by application.

How to use it: You can create a blog post comparing South African lenders and interest rates, and in that post, you can link up for a long time.



Siteground offers a variety of products in the web hosting and internet service provider space. They offer shared and WordPress hosting, as well as reseller hosting. They are an internet service provider that offers BOTH capped and uncapped ADSL.

By referring to potential customers on the Linux web, cane to earn a 10% affiliate commission on any service purchased.

How to use it: You can create a series of videos on the difference between a variety of website hosting and its benefits for your YouTube channel. In that video, you can link to Linuxweb.


Eflex Sourcing

Eflex Sourcing offers its customers the opportunity to source products from various international markets to sell within the South African market. They pay an affiliate commission on any business generated through your affiliate link.

How to use it: You can teach people how to set up an eCommerce store through Shopify and be the biggest problem for your students to sell online. By joining eflex sourcing, you can earn commissions on products that they source for your students.


Stallion Hosting

Stallion Hosting is a South African company that offers website hosting for businesses here in South Africa and abroad. They offer a very competitive 25% affiliate commission on any hosting package signed up to use your unique affiliate link.

How to use it: You can have a YouTube channel to create videos to create your website to teach users. As part of those tutorials, you can teach someone how to set up a WordPress website, and then you can link to Stallion Hosting.


Best Tech, Gadgets Affiliate Programs in South Africa

I’m obsessed with gadgets, tech and power tools! I take all my devices and devices from my MacBook Pro to my GoPro 7 to my Raiob Jigsaw. If you’re currently creating content in this niche, you’ll be happy to know that there are some South African affiliate programs that you can use starting today and making money.

Here is a list of technical and gadget affiliate programs in South Africa:


iToys sell a variety of apple accessories online in South Africa. Through their affiliate program, you can earn a 5% referral commission on selling their iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch accessories.

How to use it: You can be a tech writer who creates a lot of content around Apple’s suite of products, and you can write a blog post comparison between two new iPhone cases on the market.


Xtreme Accessories

Xtreme Accessories is a pioneer in selling GoPro accessories in South Africa, and they both stock an extensive range of cameras and accessories. They also sell drones and gimbals, and everything else you need as an outdoor adventure enthusiast.

Xtreme Accessories provides 5% referrals or affiliate commissions on any sale generated by traffic you send through your unique affiliate link.

How to use it: You can be a drone enthusiast and create a podcast and share your associated links to Xtreme Accessories, especially in drone pilots and within that podcast.


Home Improvement Hub

Home Improvement Hub is a major generation platform for businesses in the home improvement and renovation market in South Africa. They pay R50 to perform for new inquiries about home improvement or renovation.

How to use it: You can create a video to plan a bathroom renovation and post it to YouTube and send your audience to the Home Improvement Hub within that video.


Best Insurance Affiliate Programs in South Africa

Insurance companies around the world usually pay too much for lead generation. There’s a lot of competition in this place, but you’ll be rewarded for leads if you can drive traffic to these companies:

Here is a list of South African insurance affiliate programs:

Instant Life

Life insurance lead generation game also has a lot of money to pay. Instant life is also a lead generation business but in life insurance. Like insurance hounds, Instant Life doesn’t advertise what their referral commission is, but life insurance companies, in general, pay too much for lead generation.

How to use it: If you make videos about family-related issues, a specific video on estate planning can include a link to quick life.


Insurance Hound

Insurance Hound is a lead generation platform for the insurance industry. Consumers searching for competitive insurance quotes should submit their details and insurance hounds and then pass them on to different insurance companies.

How to use it: As a financial blogger, you can write a post about the importance of having short-term insurance and links through the Insurance Wound website.


Best Pet Affiliate Programs in South Africa

Anyone who has a pet knows how much money is spent every year in this industry. From pet food to pet accessories and even outfits, there’s a pet affiliate program for you if you have an online presence dedicated to our lovely, feathered and scaled friends.

Here is a list of pet affiliate programs in South Africa:


4aPet is a South African online retailer specializing in pet accessories. They offer a very generous 20% referral commission on any sale from the traffic you send your way to.

How to use it: You can create videos to take care of pets for your YouTube channel, and you can record one to trim your dog at home and link a dog to the trimmer they sell on 4aPet.



Petmaniya does not have the largest range of pet goods but is better than nothing. They offer 5% referrals or affiliate commissions for any sale that generates the traffic you send.

How to use it: If you have a podcast about pet care, you can use your Paytm affiliate link when talking about how to take care of a pet rabbit, for example.